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Serge-Parfait DIOMAN

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Serge-Parfait DIOMAN

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advanced process control oil&gas, construction and industrial areas

•Thorough knowledge in oil and gas refineries processes operation
•Experience in industrial process control (oil, gas, chemical, etc.) and studies
•Technical assistance and advice in developing and coordinating required engineering studies for the revamping and the upgrade of petroleum refining process such as hydrocracker, DHC, VDU, topping, reformers, CCRU, FCCU, utilities, oil movement, lube oil units, NHDT, HDS, etc.
•Management of the multi-discipline engineering activity associated with the EPC phase of a project in order to remain within the agreed scope of work, budget and schedule for completion
•Monitor and control EPC contractors’ achievements in accordance with contractual requirements in areas such as safety, technical requirements, cost, planning etc.
•Experience in project cycle, review processes, HAZOPS studies, design practices, simulations, heat & material balances development, process unit design, equipment design, hydraulic design / calculations, aboveground piping, capacities and storage tank calculations, thermal insulation design, etc.
•Coaching and training of Engineers and operators
•Steam or electrical heating system to warm pipelines, storage tanks, instruments, pumps, compressors, valves, etc.
•Digital and field instrumentation (valves, transmitters, etc.) maintenance and design
•Design tools, guides, project codes, specifications
•Design of process control narratives and implementation of DCS/ESD calculations
•Safety Integrity Level (SIL level) for industrial processes
•Power generation station plants (thermal steam, thermal gas, cogeneration) projects
•Knowledge in economic principles and impact of design changes on project cost and schedule

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Energie, pétrole, gaz

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